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Product Engineering & Testing
SaaS Practice
Pay-for-play software services (Software as a Service) are disrupting the legacy enterprise software market. Our clients can rely on our 100000+ hours of technical experience to navigate their journey with various SaaS providers. Whether its, ServiceNow, WorkDay, Oracle Cloud, Netsuite, SAP HANA or other upcoming as-a-service offering – we bring seasoned teams to –
  • Assist clients to increase capacities and scale without the need of conventional software licensing in the realm of ERP, HCM, CRM, HRM, Marketing, Customer Care
  • Mapping business processes and functionality to technology requirements.
  • Manage API Integrations, alignment with other SaaS applications within the organizational ecosystem.
  • Customize and integrate cloud applications to delivery premium user experience.
  • Maximize ROI on software investments but exploring organization wide efficiencies and use cases.
  • Increase internal NPS around user metrics, business alignment satisfaction.
Choose OpusPrim to realize your SaaS Exponential !
Our Practice Framework – built on industry standards and best practices, with pre-built processes, patterns and metrics, provides an edge to our clients to achieve efficient Change Management and compliance around technical projects while bringing down long and short term costs.
Partnerships and Certifications
Opusprim is a Consulting Service Provider for several for some key technologies including, Netsuite, ServiceNow, Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle Cloud, SAP and others. We bring certified experts with Apex, Java, Javascript, Node.JS among other skills - domain knowledge to lead discovery, integrations and future innovations around your enterprise SaaS applications.