Workforce Models
Speed to Market – the core basis of success in any organization is the agility to bring newer offerings to marketplace as well as the ability to adapt to changing business landscape. OpusPrim is your partner to provide pivotal talent when you need it the most.
Whether you are looking for a Data Science expert or a Lab Technician, our various workforce models assure only the most qualified resources.
Workforce Models
Contingent – Hire Pivotal talent On-demand with a short resume submission to onboarding time. Our industry leading client success teams will ensure an efficient process.
Project Team – A unique Statement of Work based (SOW) model that also our clients to stand up project team quickly with a short ramp up time. We bring the Project Manager and Team Leader to build a team specific to your project. We, then, manage the team on a time and material or a fixed bid basis. Our rich domain expertise in the projects that we support allows us to be a reliable partner to your most mission-critical projects.
Direct Hire - Our low cost- Talent Concierge provide a white glove service that provides candidates the same employer branding experience they receive from your internal teams.
Smart RPO – An Industry first approach to bring the benefits of an RPO with an assimilation timeframe of your internal talent acquisition teams. With a blend of unique offerings – we can configure an RPO engine to any part of the “Source to Onboard” process along with a cost benefit of an offshore team and a local onsite concierge.